TJP Cleaning Convoy

JP | Friday, 25th June 2010

Two tugboats tows a big flat funnel at a certain speed through the floating petroleum.
A film of sea water and petroleum enters the funnel and it’s pushed inside it by the navigation speed.
The funnel has a floating duct at it’s end.
The floating duct goes to the side of an oil tanker sealing at the same speed of the two tugboats.
At sea level there are pumps pumping petroleum from the sea level to the deck of the oil tanker.
Pumps can be fixed to the tanker or embarked on small cargos.
On the tanker’s deck it’s placed a certain number of centrifugal separators that receive the mix water/petroleum from the pumps.
The centrifugal separators separate petroleum from water and direct each part in a different duct; petroleum is dropped in the tanker tanks; water is unloaded in the sea.