TJP OilKiller

The TJP OilKiller is a special boat designed for cleaning and maintenance of closed or under coast water mirrors as: docks, marinas, waterfront, along the lake, navigable channels, the channel ports, bays, private areas of major hotels, resorts and tourist villages.
The TJP OilKiller is based on the patented disposal FLOC (FLexible Oil Collector – pat. EP2675697B1).
The TJP has in project a whole range of Oil Skimmers for heavy employments to light ones, from Oil Spill Response in disaster theatres to cleaning and maintenance of water mirrors and the OilKiller is the first and smallest model among the devices of the expected range.
The TJP patents are aimed at the realization of devices that provide a response to the need to improve the efficiency of the reclamation in the sea with interception and collection of the free surface of water mirrors.




The vessel is built with several elements made in fiberglass from MDF molds obtained with the milling technique. They are sought simple geometries with the purpose to reduce the number of parts to ensure maximum simplicity and safety of assembly.


1. Outer hull divided into bottom and side;
2. Internal hull divided into deck and side;
3. SWATH divided into swath up and swath down;
4. Roof divided into roof and carter;
5. Consolle;
6. Doors;
7. Reinforcement.
The correct sizing (compliant with regulations UNI EN ISO 12215) and the choice of the most suitable materials provide the necessary structural strength, the weight reduction and a favorable cost/benefit ratio, also thanks to the sandwich construction.
The sandwich consists of a core of lightweight and incompressible material with the two faces, said skins, made of composite material.


They have been chosen two types of materials:

–  COREMAT,  for the internal side that is less stressed;

–  TERMANTO,  for the bottom, the deck and the outer side that are more stressed.


They have been chosen various kinds of fabrics depending on the stress amount with which they have to work:
–  COMBIMAT: a fabric with optimal mechanical properties, with large weft, to be used as final layer;
–  MAT: felts for isotropic reinforcement with multi-directional orientation of the fibers, with equal strength in all directions, commonly used for the construction of composite products. It is used in different weights: first lighter to avoid marking the surface and to better follow the forms, therefore heavier until reaching the thickness or the desired resistance.
–  GELCOAT: sheets of various nature (glass, carbon, etc.) impregnated with resin and used to obtain a bright external finish, with the desired color, free of defects and weather, ultraviolet rays and water resistant.


It has been given particular attention to the overlap of the different materials in correspondence of fittings and joint areas, to have the best performance and quality of the final result.


viste ortogonali


overall submersed lenght: ≈ m 4,82
overall emerged lenght: ≈ m 4,27
beam: ≈ m 3,14
draft: ≈ m 0,83
topside height: ≈ m 2,86
tonnage: ≈ kg 1.300
sizes and weight are designed to make the boat able to be trailerable:
SWAT and relative supports are removable
beam for the cart: ≈ m 2,46



motorization: 2 engines Mercury FB 8 hp
work speed: ≈ knots 2
transferring speed: ≈ knots 6
capacity of the bag-filter for the pollutants collection: ≈ m³ 0,5
working range: ≈ h 8
transfer range: ≈ h 4


patrolling: ≈ m²/h 6.670
with draft of cm 5
filtration: ≈ m³/h 333
with continous oil iridescence thickness = mm 0,0003
collection: ≈ l/h 1,99
with storage capacity: ≈ l 250
filter-bag life: ≈ h 125


TJP OilKillerTJP OilKillerOilKillerTJP OilKiller




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