The Project
Maintenance, Cleaning and Reclamation of Water Stretches.

JP | Sunday, 10th May 2015


The Jonathan Project has the aim of the design, construction, marketing and servicing of vessels, based on owned patents, made for the maintenance, cleaning and reclamation of water stretches; the TJP devices are specialized in interception and collection of small solids and floating oils (hydrocarbon derivatives).
The presence of small solids, mainly of plant origin (seaweed, twigs, leaves …), is typical in inshore bays, inlets, harbors etc..
The presence of floating oil is the result of accidental or routine spills.
The Oil Skimmers are devices used for cleaning up in the emergency oil spill response.
The TJP range of products includes devices suitable to be used both for the maintenance and ordinary cleaning as well as for the emergency intervention in response to more or less serious pollution.


The TJP skimmers includes the patented subsystems “FLOC” and “DracOil“.


is the scalable flat interceptor channel, built in sizes suitable for different usage scenarios, both the undercoast maintenance and the offshore Oil Spill Response.
Advantages of FLOC
•  autonomous movement toward the surface to be intercepted and to be cleaned/decontaminate
•  absence of pressure waves in front of the collector’s mouth
•  adaptability to different oil separating systems
•  extreme constructive simplicity
•  scalable


it is the device for separation and storage of the water-oil mixture and the small recovered solids.
Advantages of DracOil
•  it is not necessary to set tanks on board of any support vessels in OSR
•  it is not needed to manipulate the collected pollutant
•  the operations are all totally “clean”



The Jonathan Project is the result of an idea of Luigi Perrella, developed in Area Science Park with the support of Innovation Factory and the Faculty of Naval Engineering of the University of Trieste. TJP has published papers in international conferences NAV 2012, ICTS 2012 and ICTS 2013 and was ranked the winner at ‘Innautic Bar Camper 2013; has passed the selection of “Sardegna Ricerche” and had access to the seminar path for Innovative Start-Up to rich the co-funding by the Program Aid for Innovative Start-Up – POR Sardegna 2007-2013, established with European Union funds and managed by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia. TJP main office is settled at the ‘technological incubator of the University of Sassari.